Overview on Ring Wraps


 Rice University is very popular when it comes to gaining your higher degree in the field of literature, arts or Science. This university was established by a businessman named William Marsh Rice and he has contributed to this university because of the success and the fortune that he has received in Houston. So the university was established in 1891. It is not only a very popular university, but it also makes people wonder with its amazing rice alumni ring . A student wears rings and attends class ring in order to show everyone that they are ready for accepting challenges from the world.


  • Triple Patented Ring Wraps: So the Triple patented Ring Wraps are the matching pair of the diamond bands which has been meticulously handcrafted for encasing the class ring. It is easily removable and is not permanent and it has the cradle design of two bar. The entire ring is developed in the USA. You can either customize your own style or there are several signature styles which are available.

  • Original Ring Wraps: This original Ring wraps also contains a total carat weight of 5/8 and it has amazing cut diamonds in it with Vs clarity and G color. The original one has a very simple style and it will add some elegance to the person who is wearing the ring. One can easily upgrade the ring to mini cascading one depending on the occasion.

One can easily resize their ring wraps and there are several pieces of these beautiful rings or you can customize one for your own. Resizing ring wraps is never a problem when it comes to the ring wraps. To know more you can easily browse through the Website of Rice University and check some frequently asked questions if you have any regarding rice university ring.