Journey to Australia without a Visa

 Australia is one of the world’s popular tourist destinations. In order to visit Australia, one has to have a valid travel document or a visa. To travel to any place out of one’s home country, one has to have a visa to travel. But nowadays, citizens of certain countries are exempt from visa. However, they have to have an Australia ETA to travel to Australia. This is an electronic travel authority issued by the country and is eligible for people from countries like Brunei, Singapore, japan, U.S.A and Hongkong.

What is an electronic travel authority?

An electronic travel authority is needed for any foreign national who is visa exempt for Australia. It is a document that authorizes any person to travel to Australia without visa. It is required for short term visits like business visit, conferences or short course. However, Australia ETA is not a work visa and hence one cannot work while he has an ETA. The following people are eligible for Australia ETA:

  • A person who holds passport of countries like Brunei, HongKong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Republic of Korea and the United States.
  • A visitor who is travelling to Australia for reasons like family visit, tourism, business events, conferences, etc…
  • A person who is staying for 3 month or less than that

How to apply for travel to Australia?

In order to travel abroad a person must have a valid passport to travel. A person travelling to Australia has the option of applying for www eta immi gov au or they can obtain an electronic travel authority.  This is a short term visa document valid for a period of 3 months only. With this the person does not need a visa. But if he wants to live and work in Australia, then he has to get the appropriate visa for that. Hence, this is an easy emergency ticket for travelling to Australia.