Different types of saws available in the market

Saws are a very important tool that is used in the carpentry job for a long time. It has a lot of benefits and it helps to create beautiful things out of the woods or any other material. It not only helps in giving shape to an object but they are very essential in order to create important things which we require in our daily life. So let’s see what are the types of saws available in the market and what is their specialty.

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Coping saw:  The Coping saw comes with an arrow and a thin blade which is perfect for performing scrolling or trimming work and it is sufficient for performing the cuts which require intricate cuts and precision. This saw can be utilized for cutting several varieties of the material and every carpenter has it in their toolkit.


Fret Saw:This saw is quite similar in resemblance with the coping saw. Fret Saw has thin and long blades that are effective for cutting intricate designs. This Fret Saw has larger and longer frame which will allow you to easily do the cutting from outer edges, but you won’t be able to rotate the blades.


Hacksaw: If you are looking for cutting the tubing and pipe, then this is the perfect saw. They are not only efficient, but they have a lightweight and you can easily cut anything starting from plastic, wood or metal.


Chainsaw: Chainsaw has a lot of versatility and it mainly deals with the linked chain and they are uniquely designed. In the field of tree work, this kind of saws is most preferred and there are many homeowners who also purchase this kind of saws.


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