An overview of the electronic travel authority  

Electronic travel authority or in short ETA is a vital thing when you are visiting any foreign land. It will electronically link all the vital information that is present in your passport with it. Even if you have a passport still you will still need to carry the ETA. For availing the ETA one needs to apply for it. If you are thinking of visiting Australia then the immigration department of Australia will be issuing the ETA.

When a person will lead ETA? 

  • ETA will need to get attached to your passport if your span of staying in Australia is equal or lesser than 3 months.
  • If you are visiting Australia from places like the United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong or Singapore then Australian ETA is a must

Electronic travel authority

  • If you are visiting Australia with the motive of business purpose or carrying any business where you will need the ETA.
  • If you are not a current holder of ETA then issuing for an ETA is a must.

The visa Australia will be linked with the ETA. Nothing is going to be sanctioned overnight so one needs to have a decent amount of time in the hand for getting the ETA. If you have to visit Australia then Australia ETA is a must. The ETA and the VISA will be issued by keeping in mind your motive of visiting. The ETA needs to be renewed every year and if your passport is lost then you will have to reapply for the ETA as well.

The ETA application must not contain any sort of mismatch information with that of your passport. If that happens it will lead to cancellation of your entire application and the money that you have already paid for the processing will not be refunded to you.