All About The Rice Ring Tradition and Trivia

If you have heard about Rice University in Texas then you are already aware of its reputation. It is one of the largest education hubs for students in the state of Texas. Speaking of which, the University has a tradition of rice alumni rings which is followed by the university from the time it has come into existence. The ring holds a special significance in the lives of the university students and alumni. Having said that, now lets a look at the details of the grand rice ring celebration that is followed by the university.

Rice Ring Celebration:

Rice class rings is an important part tradition that is followed by the university. Every year the university during the fall semester organizes for the rice ring celebration. The celebration is attended by the graduates along with the rice alumni members. The families of the graduates are also invited to take part in the event. The event gives the opportunity to the recognized alumni, college delegates and the family to honour the achievements of the students.

The celebration is a grand one where the Rice Owls Dance Team performs and the Mob showcases a grand marching event. All of these together makes the event a memorable one for the students. The university even has a rice fight song which is performed during the celebration. The highlight of the event is the Sallyport which is a rather strange tradition that is followed by the university. In short, the rice ring celebration is the biggest event that is conducted by the university. The rice ring is a mark of honour and bond that the students share with the university.

Well, now you know the importance of the rice class rings. If you wish to learn more about the same then you can go through the official website of the university.