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 Writing thesis is a challenge for many people. For college students, it becomes harrowing when you have to miss the college prom, in order to write your dissertation. You could be jammed up in your home, writing a thesis when you could spend some time with your friends and family. In today’s fast paced world, studying and enjoying life can never go hand in hand.

Thesis Writing

Let us first understand what a thesis is. A thesis is dissertation which is submitted in support of once elective in academics. Different institutions have different style of thesis writing.

Steps in writing a Thesis

  • Firstly, you have to analyse your sources of information. There should be no confusion regarding the same.
  • Once, you have zeroed down on certain points, write it down.
  • Make a great thesis statement with a proper introduction.
  • Be ready with counter agreements and find reasoning.
  • Then finalise a statement in support of your thesis.

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You can devote that time to your friends and family or the prom.